Every spring, BERLIN DESIGN WEEK presents the latest design trends and approaches that allow us to shape and prepare for the future. Design is seen as a response to societal and ecological changes, which serves to highlight its vital role in managing the greatest challenges we currently face. The event is centred around promoting experimental projects that connect the fields of research, industry, and business with a range of design disciplines.

Berlin has always been an environment where, in addition to the latest trends, revolutionary ideas, movements and innovations can emerge and flourish. BNDNWK taps into this potential, establishes an international network, and offers a platform to showcase the future of design: from grassroots movements all the way to research and scientific findings in the field of design. Within this context, BNDNWK discusses intelligent cities, digitisation and artificial intelligence, new materials and concepts. The targeted positioning of different fields and industries appeals to both specialists and design lovers alike, which seeks answers to socially relevant questions such as what is design today, what does design do for us and what does it prevent.

BNDNWK participants include Berlin- & Germany-based as well as international designers, studios, cultural institutions, universities and companies that present their projects as well as their development and production processes all under the umbrella of BNDNWK. Their areas of activity encompass a vast range of design fields from industrial and communication design to textile and material design all the way to UX and UI design, sound design, design research, social design, design thinking, and eco design.

Participants offer a look at their work in the form of exhibitions, talks, panels, presentations, and interactive projects and tours. Equal focus is given to encouraging in-depth exchange between up-and-coming designers, established names, suppliers, producers, and commercial enterprises as it is to establishing a network between the various creative disciplines.

BNDNWK’s curated schedule of events takes place over 11 days at different locations across Berlin. BNDNWK 2019 included 40 different locations and 90 German and international participants.

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