Application form BNDNWK & DESIGN POOL

Use the following form to apply as a participant of BERLIN DESIGN WEEK 2020 – taking place from April 30 to May 10 – or as a participant in this year’s DESIGN POOL, which takes place as part of the BNDNWK from May 7 to May 9 at the concept mall Bikini Berlin.

Participation in both formats – BNDNWK and DESIGN POOL – is also possible by selecting both checkboxes at the beginning of the form.

Participation fee

BNDNWK (with own contribution): 1.400 €
You can register up to three events for the mentioned participation fee. The event must be registered at the same location and under the same company name and billing address.
each additional event: 200 €

DESIGN POOL, incl. 4m² booth: 1.400 €
Each additional 2m²: 200 €
(max. booth size 10m²)

Members of Feld e.V. Berlin can participate in BNDNWK or DESIGN POOL free of charge. (Membership fee for Feld e.V. Berlin is EUR 1,000 annually and can be cancelled annually)

Details on the club membership of Feld e.V. Berlin

Application process

This form allows you to present your contribution to BNDNWK in a short text or, if you participate in DESIGN POOL, to present your company and products.

Once your concept is approved by the team of BNDNWK, you will receive access to our online portal, where you can upload your event details. In case of cancellation you will also receive an email notification.

We reserve the right to review each short concept within a maximum of 14 days.

For all matters concerning the event

Please present your event idea, including the following information:
- topic
- design field
- event format (e.g. exhibition, presentation, talk, installation, pop-up etc.)
- in case of an exhibition or talk, name participating designers and speakers
- if available: name and address of event location
- date/s

Please present the product/s you would like to present at DESIGN POOL, incl. the following information:
- idea
- material
- production
- country of production
- product benefits and use

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If you have any questions about the application process or form, please get in touch: