Märkisches Museum – special guided tour
in cooperation with design&communication/FH Joanneum
Stadtmuseum Berlin

The Märkisches Museum with its historic museum building (1908) is undergoing extensive renovation and has already been closed to visitors since the beginning of 2023.

In a completely new shape and with a new concept, the museum will reopen in 2028. By then, the distinctive tower will also be accessible and the history of migration will be included as a central thematic focus in the museum. In front of the Märkisches Museum the building of the former marine ballhouse “Marinehaus” is located and will in the future be a new location of the Stadtmuseum Berlin. The Marinehaus will be an interdisciplinary “museum-factory”, equipped with a stage, studios as well as workshops and mediation rooms. Together, the two locations will build a new creative centre in the city the “Museums- und Kreativquartier am Köllnischen Park”. In conjunction with its neighbourhood, the new centre will make the quarter a more attractive place to be.

The building is currently not open to the public, therefore the tour is limited to 10 people. To participate please register in advance with Bettina Gjecaj/FH Joanneum (bettina.gjecaj@fh-joanneum.at).

Stadtmuseum Berlin


Märkisches Museum
Am Köllnischen Park 5
10179 Berlin

Opening hours:

16:00 —
Stadtmuseum Berlin
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