Form Garden

Solaris Space

At first glance, the ceramic works of TRD Intra and Studio Valerian Blos appear to come from different worlds: symmetric meets organic, mysterious meets precise, soft meets sharp. But both are explorations of forms that escape traditional category confines. The exhibition ‘Form Garden’ unites the two practices in a hunt for the surprising and out-of-place. A selection of works will be on display at ‘Solaris Space’ – a breeding ground for exploration of the unknown with a focus on combining digital crafts and unusual materials.

Theresa Reimann-Dubbers is designer and researcher with a long interest and deep understanding of how we live in dialogue with our environment – how we shape, and are shaped by the things and places we encounter.

Valerian Blos is Designer and Teacher in the fields of New Media and New Materialism. His work spans from interactive installations to the exploration of strange matters.

Solaris Space



Urbanstrasse 127

10967 Berlin

Opening hours:


12:00 —


Solaris Space

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