Resilience through human-centered processes & inspiring UX

With transformation, innovation & UX to more resilience?

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Resilience is becoming increasingly important in our digital, collaborative, and dynamic work environment. How can UX contribute to strengthening our resilience in the transformation of corporate structure and product development? Collaborative work and agile methods offer great potential, but uncertainties and open questions remain when stepping out of the comfort zone. Carola Plesch will open the Open Studio Night with a keynote speech on UX and resilience.

Following the speech, our panel consisting of Dr. Oliver Grasl (Transentis), Carola Plesch & Christian Lenz (Ergosign), will discuss how sustainable, human-centered product development with a positive UX can help us maintain health and resilience. We cordially invite you to join us in finding answers to these important questions and look forward to your participation. Please use the provided link to register. 

The keynote speech and the panel will be held in English.

Ergosign GmbH


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