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The Heipl Berlin concept store opened six months before the corona pandemic and is enjoying its first-ever spring without corona restrictions but while still facing inflation and an energy crunch. It’s not always easy to see the crises as opportunities and look optimistically to the future. When selecting products, we consider their durability and staying power. This Design Week, we’re working together with France’s Tiptoe. Matthieu Bourgeaux and Vincent Quesada had been friends for years before they launched the label, which takes advantage of three generations of familial expertise in steel. They started with modular table legs and have been expanding their product range ever since: tables, sofas, stools, lamps and chairs. Products that are produced sustainably in Europe and that can last a lifetime while reacting flexibly to life changes. Tiptoe will be available in our store from 5pm to 9pm on May 11 to discuss their ideas and products. They’re also preparing a special surprise and will even offer attendees a chance to win a new product. Please stop by. We look, so you can find. Heipl Berlin.

Heipl Berlin


Heipl Berlin

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10997 Berlin

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Heipl Berlin

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