This Flower of Life Dome invites his visitors to dream, to calm down and to travel in space and time. The flower of life embraces the dome as a protective shield like the womb of a woman, it is a symbol of creation and therefore reflects the whole universe. From the first circle on life starts and follows repetitive patterns while growing according to the cosmic order. This pattern can be found in each cell in every living being as well as in the flow of the universe.The robust straight structure of the Dome as the masculine part and the light, curved structure of the flower of life as the feminine part appear together in harmonic balance. Let’s embrace both of these parts inside of every being because no one can exist without the other.The Dome reminds us of this and also reminds us to live in harmony with the simple, but perfect, laws of nature, in alignment with the moon circle, not against it and to calm down.

The Dome is 5m in diameter and 3m high. The wooden floor is created according to the sacred geometry of the yantra Metratron and is movable.All materials are natural and recycable. The cover is made of 100% cotton, Öko-Tex100 certificated und is perfect for 360°-projections and light installations.