BABAKOTO is a young label from Berlin which produces made-to-measure suits from sustainable performance material. The suits are breathable and stretchy, comfortable for cycling and chic for the office, can be washed at home in a washing machine and transported in a backpack without creasing.
Each suit is tailor-made for the customer and manufactured in the studio in Berlin. The fabrics are produced in Italy and Portugal and consist of environmentally friendly materials such as Lyocell and recycled polyamide.
BABAKOTO specifically integrate refugees into their Berlin studio, for the first small series the studio works with sewing factories in Poland and pays attention to fair wages and short transport distances.

BABAKOTO are the social entrepreneurs Mareike Ficht (Jyoti-Fair works) and Paul Kupfer (soulbottles). They will present their labels at BNDNWK DESIGN POOL.