Immerse yourself  in the unveiling of the most seducing and up to date Designing theory in Architecture and Interior Design, by letting Androniki Skoula, MEng Architect Engineer NTUA, Sustainability Design Consultant, MArts Graphic Designer (Derby UK), and LEED AP® O+M , along with the expert in Biophilic Design, Silvia Ceria Interior Designer-Well Being Coach and Sustainability Consultant to indulge you into the deconstruction of forms behind representative examples of the Biophillic and Sustainable Architecture on a streamed video event:



PART 1 –

Allow us to expose the Designing patterns, methods and procedures Architects and Designers use in order to achieve all the masterpieces of today Biophilic and Sustainable Architecture.

Check the images on this folder and add back your ideas and sketches in a new file with your name!

Interact with us and give us back your designs, your written stories and your spontaneous sketches that those images evoqued to you by May 31stAllow yourself free to show us what triggered you!

Then, Surprise! A master collage , a genuine artwork from all sketches, designs and stories we receive from you will be created!

We come with final Artworks that embrace your thoughts, by becoming a Designing though themselves.

PART 2- Takeways

After the interactive event (Part1), you might be left wondering how to bring sustainable and biophilic features into your own spaces.

A pdf handout will be distributed as a guide. The handout will collect some actionable points including an overview of biophilic design patterns, sustainability insights based on LEED and SITES certifications, and a selection of sustainable interior design product options.