Design is always in a flux and reacts on the times we live in. The GDG exhibition centres around eight
themes and reflects parts of our current ‘zeitgeist’, but there are more and certainly new topics to come. A
panel discussion with a GDG ambassador, designers and professors, the GDG- kulturpreis and a green card
winner, will look deeper into the topics that we face now, but also to the ones that designers have to face in
our near future.

Angelika Nollert is director of die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum and Jury member for the
German Design Graduates kulturpreis.

Anke Bernotat works internationally as designer of furniture and products and projects in the widest sense
of the word and holds a position as professor of Industrial Design at Folkwang-University of the Arts.

Prof. Jesko Fezer works as a designer. In cooperation with ifau he realizes architectural projects, he is co-founder of the bookstore Pro qm and part of the exhibition design studio Kooperative für Darstellungspolitik. He is Professor of Experimental Design at the College of Fine Arts Hamburg.

Annika Frey is interested in the aesthetic qualities of serial production, experimental processes and the
design process as source of innovation. She is professor for design science and design research at
Muthesius University of Arts and Design in Kiel.

May-Britt Frank-Grosse works as a journalist and consultant in the fields of architecture and design. Since
February 2019 she has been editor-in-chief at DEAR magazine for design and interior design, based in


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