Provocation – Intensifying Forms

Explores materials, fabrication, robotics, algorithms, and pioneering models of haptic and machine learning that challenge and enhance definitions of design processes and outcomes beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, engineering, and manufacturing.

These diverse modes of thinking propagate latent matter into pedagogical, technological, ecological, and social agendas, intensifying architecture’s transformational impact on the world.

Form is the mediator of matter and thought that carries idea and outcome simultaneously shaping aesthetic surplus into social ideology and giving design political agency.

In the urgency of our current situation, we ask the question: How can and does form acquire agency? We believe it can and will demonstrate with a sampling of projects that exhibit formal and performative qualities through the employment of specific media.

The Pratt Institute New York – School of Architecture will showcase a selection of professional and academic work that establishes a mode of form-driven design that represents an ideological position.


* Prof. Gisela Baurmann – Environmental Mode

* Prof. Robert Lee Brackett – Material Mode

* Prof. Lawrence Blough – Technological Mode

* Prof. Abigail Coover Hume – Social Mode

* Jeffrey Anderson + Olivia Vien – Virtual Mode

* Prof. Dr. Harriet Harriss, Dean of School of Architecture