Das letzte Jahr hat gezeigt, dass Unternehmen Anpassungsfähigkeit und Flexibilität brauchen, um schnell auf Veränderungen reagieren zu können. Doch das allein ist nicht genug. Um unerwartete Situationen erfolgreich zu meistern, brauchen sie eine zukunftsweisende und nachhaltige Geschäftsstrategie. Hier kommt Sustainable Business Design ins Spiel.

In unserem Webinar Design meets business: Building sustainable futures werden Annika Hamann (Lead UX & Service Designer) und Tuomas Silverang (Senior Business Designer) darauf eingehen, wie Futures Thinking und Business Design dabei helfen können, resiliente Business Modelle zu entwickeln. Anschauliche Beispiele und klare Learnings sowie ein Q&A mit den Sprechern garantieren einen großen Praxisbezug.

Zur Anmeldung (Achtung: Die Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt)


Why designers should become futures thinkers (Annika Hamann)

Let’s make Futures Thinking a part of every service vision sprint! When we are involved in creating products or services, we are also complicit in creating the condition of our world – we have the responsibility to think in longer time frames and consider implications. Our „fail-fast” approach has led to data leaks, biased A.I., social media addiction, or environmental issues. With Futures Thinking methods, we can probe futures, create empathy for future users, think beyond our usual boundaries, discover risks and opportunities, and work towards preferable futures – together with our clients. 

Building bridges between design, business, and the planet (Tuomas Silverang)

User-centered design can go wrong. We may end up designing products that our customers love but make no business sense. Or we might make both users and shareholders happy but at the expense of employees, society, or the planet. Tuomas Silverang offers his take on this dilemma and introduces a possible approach: Business Design. Illustrated through examples, tools, failures, and learnings from his own work.

After the talks, there will be a Q&A with our speakers. Let’s co-create a sustainable future – together!