How can we design digital exhibitions or hybrid events which do create added value for the visitors or your customers? How can they be more than mere copies of the old analogue formats?

We have to learn to treat the digital as a truly new reality – with its own rules and properties. We have to learn how to tell engaging and immersive stories once more. Storytelling works differently and should be developed originarily for that format.

C4 Berlin and Chimney will grant a glimpse behind the curtain of how stories will be told. We will present various ideas, discuss them and are eager to learn from all you.

Ulf Eberspaecher, the Managing Director Design of C4 Berlin, Dr. Maria Merseburger, Head of Content and Florian Korn, CEO of Chimney DACH will share their insights in how digital storytelling can be unique and an added value for your communication.

We invite you to come by our office to share ideas, discuss and broaden our understanding of this new reality – using the old reality.