Probing into the unknown – How we can try to think about the future

Dr. Christian Grünwald is a Foresight Director at Z_punkt The Foresight Company in Cologne, heading the Public Foresight division. His work focuses on scenario planning and vision development as well as trend projects in the public sector and industry. He intensely explores the consequences of technological change for politics and society, the future of work and the innovative application of foresight methods. Christian Grünwald studied political science, comparative religious studies and modern history at LMU Munich and Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence, followed by a doctorate in political science at the University of Vienna. Before his work at Z_punkt, he worked for eight years as a Creative Strategist and Creative Director in a large German communications agency and as a part-time lecturer at the University of Kassel. Besides his work for Z_punkt, he is a part-time lecturer for futures and foresight at Leuphana University Lueneburg. He also teaches foresight methodology courses at various universities, such as the University of Public Administration in Speyer or Università Ca’Foscari in Venice.

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Prayer Soul
PrayerSoul a storyteller in essence but a musician in expression. This Zimbabwean native is a singer-songwriter who tells authentic African stories through neo-soul music. Prayersoul’s repertoire consists of his debut self titled album Prayersoul(2012), Prayersoul Live At The Old Mutual Theatre Ep(2015) and his recently released sophomore album While I Was Away(2017).

Even more Prayersoul has added color to this repertory through tours in Germany with Jamaram, performing at the iconic Venice Biennale in Italy, sharing his work in Edinburgh, Scotland to coming back to the region and gracing stages in South Africa, Malawi and Namibia, not to mention the countless festivals, shows, weddings and corporate events he performs at, at home.

Prayersoul is a true performer his ability to connect and engage with the audience is overwhelmingly impressive. As a solo performer with voice and guitar he connects intimately, it’s always a journey but wait until you experience him with a full band, it gets bigger and better, his charisma becomes the fabric that holds it all together making it more than just a performance but an experience.

Apart from teaching guitar part time, Prayersoul extends his influence to help orphans and orphanage homes with his philanthropic drive through The Prayersoul Foundation. “If I can reach just one more person to let them know that they can, then I’ve been a huge success”- Prayersoul

What Prayer says about his music: „My music is a heavily influenced by NeoSoul music with a blend of African languages and sounds so would be best described as NeoSoul with Afro Fusions..I mostly perform with an acoustic guitar but can also play a little bit of piano.“