As one of the most relevant sound artists and designers in Spain, Edu Comelles will be a speaker within Designing Voices.

He works in a wide variety of contexts: he is a sound and media artist and curator working in the fields of new media, sound art and musical production.

Comelles has been playing live both solo and with collaborative projects at festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona, Fase in Berlin, Radar Festival in Mexico, and others. His live sets often happen in unusual places or non-conventional venues such as churches, monasteries, or art galleries in Spain and the rest of Europe.

From the research perspective, Comelles holds a Ph.D. in sound art, an MSc in Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh, a Master in Visual Arts and new media at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona.

His last work ’Spectrum’, a visual installation, translates the urban noises to a graphic language.



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