As a self-managed industry professional since the age of 16, Elysha Zaide, who performs under the name ill-esha, has taken both academic and experiential approaches to learning.

She will share her approach within DESIGNING VOICES: she has been performing, composing and engineering across the globe for over 20 years while working to create a kinder and more supportive industry through collaboration, collectives, and community education. She also shares how she thrives on adapting new technologies to use in her performances.

Zaide teaches electronic music production and live performance at Berklee. She believes that one must challenge oneself on stage and in the studio on a regular basis to break through creative blocks and level up. Her approach to teaching is that one size never fits all, and she has developed a variety of approaches to the curriculum to challenge each budding artist, no matter what level of experience they come with. Each student will enjoy in-class challenges, collaborations, and various dynamic exercises designed to promote both technical advancement and artistic interpersonal development. Her courses also serve as a safe harbour for the most lofty and outlandish ideas, where she and her students learn together how to make anything possible.


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