Felix Sewing graduated in 2019 from the Communication Design degree programme at HTW Berlin with the final project “VR Experience”. This project not only “shows” its users the convergence between reality and virtuality, but also lets them feel and experience the dilemma of perception in virtual-real environments. He works at Junge Tüftler gGmbH on educational offers on behalf of the Futurium, among other things, and is a lecturer in the communication design degree programme for “Virtual Reality and Machine Learning”.

VR Experience

Felix Sewing – 2019

The VR Experience confronts visitors with the task of experiencing their own modes of perception in the context of virtual reality. The increasing divergence between objective and virtual reality in the course of use raises the question, which reality do I believe and thus trust? Is virtual reality believable, even if I basically know that it is an illusion?
At the beginning, the VR installation reproduces exactly the reality that the user finds without the glasses. A real wall is also present in the virtual reality, in exactly the same place, can be touched and the person can lean against this wall. Thus, objective and virtual reality are believable and true. In the further course of use, sensors shift the virtual reality in relation to the physical reality; the wall that is already known seems more than 2 metres away the next time. Do I still let myself fall, because I should be aware that the physical wall is still in the same place?
The moment when the vast majority of people fail, because they actually trust the virtual reality more than their knowledge of the real world around them. The realisation lies in overcoming to let oneself fall anyway.

Bachelor Thesis