The FHP Mobil displays changing exhibitions and shows the various transfer-projects of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, across all departments and institutes. It is more than a presentation medium: It is a space for innovative ideas, actions and a platform for dialogues.

As part of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK, the FHP Mobil will be exhibiting the project “Haus Brandenburg” from 28.05.2021 (vernissage) to 06.06.2021 on the Piazzetta in front of the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts.

The transparent construction of the mobile space was made possible through a partnership with the carpentry firm Christian Bock, which specializes in building tiny houses. The Aluminum profiles for the roof and façade cladding were provided by the company Prefa. The lighting system from the Potsdam-based manufacturer Mawa was calculated specifically for the micro-space and is designed for changing requirements. The design was conceptualized by Ivo Erichsen and Max Wosczyna (studio Ortschaft), who also accompanied the technical development and structural implementation.

The “Haus Brandenburg” initiative promotes cooperative work at the intersection of design and craftsmanship. Through partnerships between student designers and local manufacturers, 13 unique handcrafted products from Brandenburg were created. The project was started in early 2017 under the supervision of Professors Hermann Weizenegger and Jörg Hundertpfund and the participation of various creative disciplines at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. The main objective of the initiative is a contribution to an “economy of the nearby”, creating a professional prospect for designers and craftsmen based on neighborly cooperation.

Exhibiting designers: Diana Belodedov, Marta Carlesso, Magda Dziewit, Johannes Heinrich, Clara Keseberg, Max Nissen, Christin Rothe, Cecilia Thorausch, Marlies Wieking, Anna-Lena Wolfrum and Bernadette Wüchner.