Flowe water bottles encourage a re-evaluation of traditional crafts – wickerwork and promotes the use of local and sustainable materials such as willow, corn husk, and rye straw. 

Willow is a fast-growing tree and is truly a sustainable and renewable resource. We only use branch growth.

Wickerwork with corn leaves and rye straw uses a 100% agricultural waste material, the by-product of a food crop.

Being 100% organic, the wicker bottle holder can be naturally composted after the life cycle is complete. The glass bottle is easily recyclable.

Wicker water bottle holders are made entirely by hand by dedicated craftspeople in Slovenia, whom still possess these rare skills. 

Darja Malesic, designer and founder of the Sustainable lifestyle brand Flowe, believes there is a great potential waiting for designers to explore this world, working with local craftspeople.