Florian Görlitz is an installation artist, festival producer and product designer, who is fascinated by kinetic objects and explores their geometric transformation in his sculptures.

Florian Görlitz’s creative activities (installation artist, festival producer and product designer) began after an intensive time in a hermitage in southern Germany in which he tried to understand the geometries of nature. After a long stay in India, he created a 15m tall tower, spiral-shaped domes and entire warehouses, based on the basic structures of life. Back in Germany, he focuses on his fascination for “transformation”. His kinetic objects became particularly popular at festivals, clubs and exhibitions. Nowadays, he wants to share his universal knowledge and fascination about his deployable structures with others.

//Art of life//

Solar systems, chrystals, complex beings like plants and animals, all the systems always appearing in structures which are “growing” in a special pattern.

I found many similaritys and sometimes i was even surprised about surtain hidden consecutives which we could consider as “secred geometry” or “base of the universe” you could say: every natural structure somehow implements all the others.

I tried to bring unity into this chaos of structures. I connected rational with irrational, Fibonacci with golden ratio, rectangles with circles, triangles with spirals and statics with dynamics.
The output was a “GrowingTower” a technique which allows us to build like mother nature grows in many diffurent ways. and some of them implements maybe facinating solutions for the problems of our time…