As part of the Berlin Design Week, Gravitex presents the collaboration between various artists and artist collectives in the field of dance / fashion /set design.
In cooperation with the dancer collective Collapsetofraction, a live show will take place in the interior of the Gravitex design studio on the evening of the Open Studio Night. Visitors will have the opportunity to view the performance from the outside through a shop window. As a result, the closed glass front becomes an unbreakable safety barrier and only allows the visitor a certain angle of view onto the performance. A deliberate effect that emphasizes the social habitus of accepting basic rules without scrutinising them. This habitus is manifested in social rules and comes back to us as freedom or compulsion. We move within these limits as individuals. The collaboration Collapsetofraction x Gravitex explores these borderline experiences in which the dancers play with given props and equipment. Contrasts in the form of inside and outside, above and below, firm and soft, constrained and free as well as light and shadow describe the scenery.

In between the dance performances the design labels Aachat x Aufschnitt will present their fashion collaboration. Textile food art from by Aufschnitt Berlin meets gender-neutral, oversize fashion by Aachat. Both designers love absurd contexts, and the collection with name ‘Space Hippies’ lets slices of agate and fried eggs float about each other in universe. Accessories made of transparent film and recycled silver packaging are reminiscent of decorative elements from the Hippie era. Macramees, fringes and psychedelic prints determine the look.


Our participating artists are @a.achat @collapsetofraction@aufschnittberlin

During all of the performances we are LIVE on Instagram:

Camera 1: @gx_gravitex
Camera 2: @a.achat
Camera 3: @collapsetofraction
Camera 4: @aufschnittberlin

Event Schedule:

Dance performance: 18:15 h – 18:30 h – Collapsetofraction x Gravitex
Fashion performance: 18:40 h – 19:05 h – A.Achat x Aufschnitt
Dance performance: 19:15 h – 19:30 h – Collapsetofraction x Gravitex
Fashion performance: 19:40 h – 20:05 h – A.Achat x Aufschnitt
Dance performance: 20:15 h – 20:30 h – Collapsetofraction x Gravitex
Fashion performance: 20:40 h – 21:00 h – A.Achat x Aufschnitt
Music 21:00 h – 22:00 h

Our visitor spots are very limited, make sure you come early to reserve your spot.
Please follow our hygiene concept and bring a negative test (24h) and a mask.
At the studio you have to fill in our contact detail paper.