Communication Design – University of Applied Sciences Berlin presents Virtual Reality as an immersive medium for shaping emotions.

What creates a good or bad feeling? When do we feel satisfaction, fear, friends or dislike? Design sends messages, including emotional ones.

Virtual reality primarily opens up visual-auditory design possibilities, but beyond that, immersion is becoming an increasingly dominant design tool. With this expanded set of design possibilities, emotions can be addressed much more specifically.

The collection of design experiments makes this phenomenon its own, with the aim of making it possible to experience different emotional states in virtual scenarios. It examines which emotional relationships people can enter into with virtual objects or worlds and in which way specific emotions or relationships are established.

The experiments were created as part of a short-term project at the Department Communication Design at the University of Applied Scienes Berlin and were implemented with web-based VR technology that can also be used with smartphones and cardboards.


Supervisor: Felix Sewing

Students: Evgeni Dause, Lu Li, Juliane Mehrhoff, Lukas Popp, Davi Saavedra, Lajal Sakran, Alina Smidt, Clemens Tebarth