Communication Design – University of Applied Sciences Berlin presents Virtual Reality as a communication medium.

The experimental installation explores new ways of communication through non-verbal communication and immersive perceptions in virtual spaces. The three successive rooms are linked linearly and can be accessed via virtual portals that are opened by the interaction of the users.

The four spheres of the first room symbolise the multimodality of communication. Only when all the spheres are held in suspension at the same time does the path to room two open up. The difficulty here is that the users can never see all the spheres, i.e. the different modalities, at the same time.

The second room consists of cubes that have to be moved. Through them, unpredictability is thematised as an aspect of communication. Only when the right cube is found does the portal to the final third room open. The intensity and duration of the interaction of the second room is thus random and arbitrary. Both the first and the last cube could be the key.

In the last room, non-verbal communication forms the climax of the journey through this virtual installation.

The experiments were created as part of a short-term project at the Department Communication Design at the University of Applied Scienes Berlin and were implemented with web-based VR technology that can also be used with smartphones and cardboards.


Supervisor: Felix Sewing

Students: Felicitas Freundner, Fiona Hoti, Arne Ihmann, Christopher Liu, Susanne Schmidt, Mareike Dinger, Norma Weiß, Benjamin Türcke, Nora Schiller, Iris Caculi, Deniz Terlan, Irma Fadhila, Leon Volbers, Nathalie Hauf, Pascalle Marie Strübel