Isabelle Tellié is a French/German national, and is currently based out of Berlin. She studied at the Artez Institute of Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where she received a Bachelor in Fashion Design, graduating with honours in 2015.

While at Artez, Isabelle decided to take a less conventional approach to design, applying influences such as Bauhaus, and integrating them with ideas and forms that reached beyond contemporary to the imaginative. Isabelle looked at textiles the same way she now looks at sculpture, from a point of view that is open-ended, a place where she can allow herself to engage with an ongoing dialogue; surrounding form, perspective, and her own unique way of treating materials. Laser printing, C02 zero waste dying, 3D printing, tech, and traditional techniques such as welding and weaving, are just some of her methods/tools.

Isabelle’s art focuses on duality, a symbiotic relationship between art and the viewer; nature and the conscious, language and emotion, triggers and reaction. In 2016 Isabelle started making what she describes as “optical illusion art” a playful yet thought-provoking way to bring the viewer to question how they see reality. From that
body of work, she created the piece Optical Vertigo which was exhibited at various galleries in Berlin.

Her first sculpture, Acid Heart 2017– an interactive marvel that emulates heartbeats, using blue tooth, an ardweno microcomputer, and pulse sensor wristbands– continues to be displayed at various galleries and clubs across Europe.