Book Furniture

Creating furniture out of books, is that even ethically correct? What would Goethe or Dostojewski say if they knew somebody could sit on their finest pieces of literature? In an overly technological world this controversial project is paying homage to one of humankind’s greatest inventions while making it’s content unreadable.

The project  „Bookfurnitures“ is playing with this terminology by giving chosen books a permanent and prestigious place inside of the furniture.

The „Bookfurniture“ Project is limited to 25 pieces each object.



Discover the endless possibilities with the structural lamp „Lumigran“. By interlocking the pieces with each other, one has the opportunity to play with the space and atmosphere of the room. Because of the open end system of the structure, the appearence of the lamp is always changeable and it gives room to play and engage with the created design.

The molecullike sculptur enriches the space with accentuated design by day and unfolds its full potential by  adding a lightsource and casting shadows by night. Due to the simplicity of the interlocking mechanism, the lamp „Lumigran“ does not need an instruction manual, however it  arouses the owners curisity by interacting with the created shapes.