Lau Licciardi, 1983 


Originally from Melbourne Australia, Lau has spent the past 7 years in Berlin as a freelance artist, working in production and art installation. Their work has ranged from commissioned projects and builds to geometric sculptures, to art installations and set design and construction.


The 2005 apprenticeship at the Flying Anvil in the Blacksmith trade led on to studying furniture design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Over two years, Lau honed their craft in industrial wood/metal fabrication techniques, developing their own prototypes and designs. Since being in Berlin, Lau has been working closely with neon artist Olivia Steele and has become a specialist in neon installation. 

As a conceptual object designer, their interest lies in the manipulation of space, with their primary mediums being wood and metal. Lau predominately enjoys creating functional artisanal pieces – whether it be furniture, lighting, stage design, or contemporary art installations. With set design, Lau considers the bodies of the performers, how they interact with the space and objects, and how the set influences their action and movement. 


Stage design for “A Ballet of Slug and Shell” by Black Cracker and Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop  

The pieces were designed to be completely modular, so the manipulation of the elements and creation of the stage design becomes an integral part of the performance. The performers have autonomy in building their environment.