Germany’s most beautiful StartUp: Pretty Straw What started with a simple idea is now the solid Start Up Pretty Straw. With our idea, we want to make the world a more beautiful place and make a statement for sustainability and craftsmanship.

Pretty Straw’s founding story began about a year ago, in a glassblowing workshop in Berlin. Inspired by the craft of neon glass blowing, the idea of making sustainable glass drinking straws sparked, offering a reusable alternative to plastic straws. Pretty Straw are not just simple glass straws, but individual one-off pieces and works of art. With traditional craftsmanship, curiosity and experimentation, endless possibilities presented themselves in glassblowing. Pretty Straw offers an extravagant product range that is unique on the market. The love of craftsmanship and the passion for design is immediately recognisable in every product.

The right idea at the right time: As the law to ban single-use plastic from the EU came out at the same time, the timing seemed perfect to me. I thought “it’s now or never” and got started. I had no idea how to start a business, what it means to be self-employed and all the things you have to consider, but I just wanted to give it a try. The implementation of a brilliant idea always requires a pinch of craziness.

It was hard to get started. Nevertheless, Pretty Straw inspired our customers right from the start. Schumanns Bar in Munich, for example, was taken with it and we designed a custom-made Straw together. But Pretty Straw should not only be found in the exclusive bar culture, but also offer something special to the discerning end customer who is interested in art. I placed Pretty Straw at design markets and tried online distribution via existing platforms. I was not discouraged by the Corona pandemic either, because I simply believe in Pretty Straw. So I used the lockdown period to learn new techniques of glassblowing. My master was on hand to give me advice and support, so I was able to expand my range of products. Although ingenuity and experimentation proved to be a recipe for success, a bit of luck is also part of every success story.

So one day I got a call and was invited by Lexrocket to a Super Start Up Adventure Camp, where you can spend two weeks with other founders perfecting your ideas and taking them to the next level with coaches. The highlight of the camp was the launch of my own webshop: I left the camp highly motivated and returned to Berlin to get started with a clear vision and focus. But it had also become clear to me that I needed a professional partner by my side to realise the full potential of my craftsmanship and creativity. For ultimate success, it takes two components: Every creative mind simply needs a strategist – in this case, my brother, an analytical business consultant. So Pretty Straw has also become a family business.

Through a friend, I became aware of the Motion Lab in Berlin and have been a big fan of this great community since my first visit. The space offers everything the creative heart desires – in my case a laser cutter. Now I have the opportunity to engrave my straws individually and take it to the next level. I have big plans and look forward to actively and sustainably shaping the future of our planet.

With my success story, I want to inspire young founders to have the courage to give free rein to their ideas – and thus not only be personally successful, but also make the world a better place.