“Some of the most precious assets that one can take from home are one’s traditions and story. I believe in the outstanding potential that design has to change lives and open new perspectives in society and I am aware of the privilege that I hold by being able to enhance this with my work”

Cindy Valdez was born in Perú, where she studied arts and design for two years. She came to Berlin in 2010 for her first big trip. She wanted to see Europe and get to know more about life, design, and art there. In 2012 she was accepted at the University of Arts Berlin (UdK) and she started studies in product design.

Her creativity and way of work are inspired on everyday life stories, she enjoys working with personal experiences and problems, which she can translate into design. She really keen on going back in time in order to create new elements that aid a more humanly manner to develop her designs. They are inspired by places, people, traditions, habits, stories that greatly influence her design process.

Due to that, she has traveled and worked in verticals such as social design and art enjoying working in diverse environments and exchange knowledge and experiences. Her academic experience has provided her with great knowledge and the external internships have helped her to grow as a professional and have exposed her to many different viewpoints.

In 2018 Cindy Valdez began her Master´s studies at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art under the supervision of Professor Barbara Schmidt. Currently, she is doing an internship at Studio Sebastian Herkner in Offenbach am Main