Moving Stories will gather portraits and stories to feature many aspects of design and how it directly impact our day to day life. Through BERLIN DESIGN WEEK artists, designers, teachers, from all fields will focus and their own relation with design issues.



Dr. Ludwig Möller,

Ludwig Möller brings people together who would normally not meet each other. This is a beautiful mixture and can be difficult too! Forming a community out of it requires thinking and doing the unusual. And before that, to look and listen carefully. He learned this in his open and hospitable parental home. His studies of Sport and Rehabilitation, Theology and Integrative Therapy put this in a professional frame.

Since 2013, he and his team has been developing innovative projects for students at the Research and Teaching Centre for Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action at the University of Kassel. He teaches counseling, coaching and Integrative Therapy. Since 2012 he has been developing inspiring teaching and learning methods with an international team in Moving School. The NGO Moving School develops the talents of people and communities to bring change for a better future.



Stephan Haberzettl, has been broadcasting from the scene of the art crime since 2001! Since then, the blog has skilfully avoided different stages of evolution, likes to go off the rails and yet remains in the picture. is Stephan Haberzettl and that’s a good thing! The filmmaker always wants more and so his passion is also that of Moving stories: people and their stories.



Gamu Magwenzi,Personal Empowerment and Transformational Coaching, Certified Coach, NLP Practitioner, Student English/ American Studies and Business

Her passion, vision and dream is to work with women who are committed to transforming their lives, discover their true purpose and add value to those around them. Her focus is Personal Empowerment focusing mainly on women who: sometimes feel they lack control of their lives and they do not have the liberty to make their own choices and determine how they want to live their lives.

Peter Dietrich,

Theologian, educator and communications manager. In real life, however, he is a ventriloquist.
After his studies in Switzerland, he first gained practical congregational experience in Hanau and Wetter and in the area of recreation and tourism of the Protestant Church of Kurhessen Waldeck. He also studied religious education and communication in Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

In recent years he has devoted himself more and more to the breeding of birds. For 20 years he has lent his heart and voice to a considerable number of birds.  As a ventriloquist, he is on the road with various children’s and adult programmes, presents children’s concerts and gives workshops. His ventriloquist friends fly with him (or he with them) from Kassel to the townships of Cape Town and Windhoek and from Berlin to Barcelona. He is always accompanied by excellent musicians who, either with accordion or guitar, sometimes even make the songs sing.



27.05.: With Dr. Christian Grünwald und Prayer Soul

28.05.: With Prof. Dr. Melodena Stephens und Deésse Ntarugera

29.05: With Prof. Dr. Alf Rehn und Carolina Katun

31.05.: With Dr. Ivan Kirchgaesser  und Natyra Elezi Samuel Cho

01.06.: With Dr. Ludwig Möller und Carolina Katun

03.06.: With Raphael Chikuwa and Prayer Soul

04.06.: With Prof. Dr. Melodena Stephens und Natyra Elezi Samuel Cho

05.06.: THE DONUT DILEMMA with Dr. Ludwig Möller r und ItuSings