„NEW TRADITION of DESIGN for FUTURE EDUCATION“ is a project by Art Director, Designer, Creative Educator and Curator Sarvenaz Dezvareh for Berlin Design Week 2021.
In this project Sarvenaz interviews designers in various fields, architects, design educators, collect their opinions and point of views on „the changes
and skills we need for more conscious design education in future“ to improve and change the system to create New Tradition and move the design profession capable of fully realizing the value of design in future.

The skills we teach are often related to the process and working method of an age that has ended. It is unfortunate that our design schools proceed from wrong assumptions and the current system of design education does not always prepare students for the challenge.
Making changes requires a major long-term effort to develop a platform for design educational practices. Sharing professional and personal experiences help us to go one-step closer to make a change for our future.

What would you change for better design education ?
What skills do we need for future design education ?
How can we create a New Tradition for future design education?

Interview Partners :

  • Gian-Piero FRASSINELLI – Architect & Anthropologist, part of radical architect group SUPERSTUDIO
  • Johanna GRAWUNDER – Architect, Artist, Designer
  • Thomas WEIS – Chief Experience Officer at BOLD BRAIN AG
  • Prof. Gisela BAURMANN – Architect at Büro NY, Associate Professor PRATT Institute
  • Prof. Dr. Gudrun SOCHER – Professor for Computer Science at HM (Munich University of Applied Sciences)
  • Gilbert BERONNEAU – Professor at the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences (Berlin School of Design and Communication) in the field of Film and Social Design, Film Director
  • Robert Lee BRACKET III – Designer, Assistant Professor PRATT Institute
  • Tamae HIROKAWA – Fashion Designer
  • Thomasine BARNEKOW – Contemporary Couture Glove Designer, Artist
  • Mark BRAUN – Designer at Mark Braun Studio, Professor for Product Design at HBK Saar


Photo : Benjamin Taguemount
Sarvenaz Dezvareh, member of Moving School @movingschoolkassel