Olivia Vien is an architectural designer and educator. Her work includes interior, residential, commercial, exhibition, event, and scenic design. Currently, she teaches core and advanced design courses in the Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Program and the Center for Art, Design, and Community Engagement K-12 at Pratt Institute, the Graduate Architecture Program at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Undergraduate Architecture Program at the City College of New York City. Her research focuses on exploring modes of representation and design development across mixed mediums. Her work with K-12 focuses on providing equitable design education for high school students in underrepresented communities preparing them for advanced studies in art and design. Olivia holds a Master of Architecture from Pratt Institute, a Master of Science in Sustainability in the Urban Environment from the City College of New York, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from George Mason University.


Intensifying Forms: Design Review through Real-time Visualization and Interaction

Our work aims to reorient the architectural production and review process by focusing on real-time, immersive, and interactive experiences that elicit live effects rather than pre-rendered and selectively curated images and drawings. In the Graduate Architecture and Urban Design program at Pratt, our course Mediums 3 – Visualization introduced students to contemporary mediums, methods, and theories of real-time rendering and interaction and focused on producing experiences of architectural spaces. We believe that this not only addresses imminent needs and advanced techniques for the architectural profession, but also changes the traditional hierarchies between students, teachers, and external critics and produces a more equitable teaching and learning environment. Additionally, because teaching and learning has migrated to a remote or hybrid model, we strongly believe that the production of three dimensional experiences which are open to be explored helps mitigate some of the losses we have endured due to COVID-19 such as interpersonal connection and spatial experience.

Virtual Forms – Student Videos