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Alf Rehn is a professor of innovation, design, and management at the University of Southern Denmark, and in addition an author, speaker, strategic advisor, and internationally noted thought-leader in innovation and creativity. He likes gin and low-rent popular culture.

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Carolina Katun und  TEOL
The Mexican-Swiss singer Carolina Katún and her band TEOL build up a new sound, a subtle and fresh crossover between jazz, south central american folk music, barock and improvised music.

While listening to her voice you’ll recognize various influences such as Mercedes Sosa for her deepness, Lila Down for her originality, Simon Diaz for his minimalism, Ella Fitzgerald for her lyricism, Sisdel Endersen for her experimental side.TEOL explore a collection of songs in original arrangements from Violetta Para’s, John Purcell’s, Atahualpa Yupanqui’s, Tomás Méndez’s, Carlos Gardel’s compositions and a few original ones from the band members themselves.

In 2015, Carolina has the opportunity to meet her partners in music, a great french team that was going to give life to TEOL:
The warm sounding and flexible double bassist Nicolas Moreaux, the lyrical and inspired guitarist Pierre Perchaud ( featured on classical, electric guitar, cavacino, banjo…), and the dynamic percussionist and drummer Arthur Alard.
These Paris resident musicians made this project possible, mixing these styles aiming at creating a unique sound, to build up their own voice together.

Since then, they’ve been playing mostly in Paris and Switzerland’s jazz venues, and had the chance to play in venues like the Montreux Jazz Festival, the New Morning (Paris), the Moods (Zurich), opening Roberta Flack and Randy Brecker’s shows in New York, etc..
In 2016, they release an E.P “on Soundcloud, “TEOL” and freshly released their first record “AL SILENCIO” in October 2018 on Jazzland Records.