Spaces of Discourse and Identity – The rebirth of Museums

Years of experience working with museums have given RAA a deep understanding of the power of authenticity and the ability of “the real” to inspire awe and stimulate curiosity. Fundamental to our design process and the success of our completed projects is our humanistic approach to interpretation that results in content-rich experiences that absorb visitors in dramatic narratives. Through the thoughtful integration of architectural metaphors, environmental features, singular objects, and carefully selected media and information technologies, we have succeeded in creating unforgettable atmospheres of reverence, revelation, and beauty that convey meaningful messages for visitors of all ages and interests with the added benefit of strengthening institutional identity.

RAA is best known for projects requiring a marriage of educational content with physical environments that are at once compelling and smoothly operational. In our work, we strive for the optimum balance between sustainability, value, design and experiential quality.

Please join us on a journey „of discovery“ as we share some of our most successful work with you through an unforgettable C U—CLOSE UP presentation via BNDNWK tv.