Ralph Wiegmann | CEO iF International Forum Design GmbH, Hannover

Ralph Wiegmann is the CEO of iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover (Germany). He plays a decisive role in advancing the international reputation and ensuring the successful organization of the iF DESIGN AWARDS. Thanks to his global activities and his decades of experience, on the Asian continent in particular, he is a popular speaker at conferences, intimately familiar with the design scene and very knowledgeable about programs focusing on Asia, making him a highly experienced networking partner. Prior to this, Ralph worked for Deutsche Messe AG as a project leader and leading executive from 1981 to 1995. He is a former board member of ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design). On 31 May 2021, Ralph will end his position as Managing Director of iF International Forum Design GmbH and its subsidiaries.