Robert Lee Brackett is the Technical Director and Co-Founder of Miscellaneous Projects, a multi-disciplinary design practice synthesizing traditional techniques with advanced technology to make things at many scales.  The work incorporates architecture, fabrication, computation, graphic design, interactive design, and product design. We make things!

Robert received his M.Arch from Columbia GSAPP with the AIA Medal for Excellence in the Study of Architecture. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where he currently coordinates the first-year Architectural Representation sequence and teaches intermediate and advanced architecture design studios and design computation and fabrication seminars. Robert has taught and worked in curriculum development and strategic planning at Pratt, Columbia GSAPP, RPI, and CUNY NYCCT. His academic research focuses on design pedagogy and the integration of computation and geometry into visual systems in 2D and 3D mediums. He is also exploring ungrading practices and the integration of positive psychology and resilience training into studio learning environments.



My research and pedagogy operate at a critical intersection of geometry, material, and form that can have multivalent agency in the built environment. It is through the material substance of architecture that we engage with the visual, somatic, mathematical, and conceptual layers of form simultaneously. By developing strategies for integrating material making with digital geometry we can design forms that can be built from widely accessible and sustainable materials and methods to address our interface with the world at many scales. Operating at the scale of interior architecture, spaces nested within spaces, positions form in close physical and material contact with the occupants. This provides a platform to explore shifting trends in live-work environments that negotiate the territories of individual and collaboration space through the mediator of material form. 

Remote Making :: Digital Geometry + Physical Material Strategies 


My colleague Duks Koschitz and I have explored this integrated relationship between geometry and form in multiple online studios during the last year and have demonstrated that students can learn to construct form in digital and analog mediums that can be built at home. It is the agency to affect the world through material designs that give architects the ability to have an impact with their work. The fundamental techniques we are developing allow for the use of common and experimental building materials to take almost any shape within the constraints of geometry with efficient fabrication methods.

Pratt Summer 2020 :: Nested Spaces Virtual Exhibition

Image Credits:

  1. Misc project
  2. Abby Greco – Pratt Summer 2020 Contouring & Folding
  3. Ashkan Elsamifard – Pratt Summer 2020 Curved & Straight Folding
  4. Dayoon Oh – Pratt Summer 2020 Cone Ribbons & Casting
  5. Noah Rosenberg – Pratt Summer 2020 Curved Folding & Forming