The Berlin furniture company WOOD’S UP presents its shelving system STARSHELF at DESIGN POOL. Already during the development of the shelving system, possible roof slopes, skirting boards, heating pipes and light switches, sockets and inclined floors were considered and STARSHELF was perfected.

The system is based on plug connections and is therefore easy to assemble, dismantle and expand.

The shelf is made of Finnish birch multiplex from sustainable cultivation, a durable, resilient and dimensionally stable material.

Behind WOOD’S UP stands Berlin carpenter René Hörold. Already during his training Hörold followed his ideal to produce more than just mass products. Before he founded his company in Berlin, he manufactured classic furniture for private customers in a carpentry workshop on Fuerteventura, but also shop fittings for hotels with a great deal of freedom in design. It was here that he finally developed his idea for WOOD’S UP and STARSHELF.