Traditions are ever evolving, keeping with dynamics on multiple temporal scales – from millennia of collective accumulation to individuals’ minute by minute behaviour that gives rise to new waves of change.

In light of the pandemic, the dynamics of our social life across cultures were challenged and a new normal was born out of necessity. How does this reflect in our daily gathering around the table?

In this project, The Humble Table by Namliyeh meets Studio Inés Lauber for an experimental performance in MaHalla (Wilhelminenhofstr. 76/77, Tor 1a, 12459 Berlin) that challenges traditional notions of social eating. While feasting holds sacred symbolism in the creation of culture, the designers offer a lens to rethink rituals and reimagine future tablescapes.

> Namliyeh X Studio Inés Lauber are going to show their work on BDW TV Live Stream: 30 min Interview + video clip (approx. 5-10 min)

> Studio Inés Lauber will present „About Food Experience Design“ during an Elevator Pitch,  7 min / Live @ BNDNWK Studio Berlin