I am a freelance industrial designer focused on CGI and motion design with a background on digital manufacturing, in my years in Berlin I have work for many clients including Daimler, Kemmler und Kemmler and TU Berlin.


Escaping reality has always had a bad connotation, used for futuristic dystopias; describing sedentary people connected to high profile VR devices, but this past year has proven us that the meaning can be changed, and in an ever changing and challenging world we can still believe in magic and experience the world. 

I found myself like many other people rethinking my purpose and the limits of my freedom, and tried to find comfort on my own escapism, this time to create the piece that is exhibit here.

‘In a bubble’ is the result of my experiences through out this past year, a battle between the inside and the outside and the final balance that has lead to a more hopeful times.