The exhibition “Brazilian Art of Sitting” is a travelling exhibition hosted by Brazilian embassies around the world presenting 23 select design pieces by Brazilian studios. The participating design studios are supported by the Raiz Project, an initiative to promote international awareness of Brazilian furniture designers.

Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to experience the country’s cultural diversity in practice by observing the Brazilian way of sitting at festivities, work, prayer or simply relaxing. The exhibition theme centers around a written piece on the history of the Brazilian art of sitting by journalist and historian Ethel Leon.

Pieces will be on display by the design studios:
Alessandra Delgado, Andrea Macruz, Aristeu Pires, Carol Gay, Daniela Ziegler Design, estudiobola, Faro Design/Ilse Lang, Gisela Simas, Gustavo Martini, Índio da Costa Design, Jader Almeida, Larissa Batista, Lattoog, Leo Romano, Noemi Saga Atelier, Paulo Alves, Plataforma4, Reboh Design, Renata Rubim Design & Cores, Ricardo Rodrigues/NDT Design, Roberta Rampazzo Design, Studio Marta Manente, Tora Brasil.

At the opening of the exhibition on 16 October, designers Andrea Macruz, Aristeu Pires and Ricardo Rodrigues will present their production process and their international experience.