Material in discussion
with Stefanie Hering & Anna von der Tann

In the middle of the „TRAUTWEIN, HERING & GRAY“ exhibition, Stefanie Hering & Anna von der Tann meet with their teams from Hering Berlin and kt.COLOR to talk about the importance of material in design.The relationships and contrasts of materials are made visible and discussed on the basis of the exhibits. What value does material still have today? How much patina is allowed and what role does sustainability play here?

Stefanie Hering, founder of Hering Berlin, works as a ceramic master and product designer in Berlin. In her objects, she explores the limits of materials such as porcelain and glass and constantly reinvents them. In addition to unusual pieces for their crockery and lighting collections, they also create special editions that border on sculpture.

Anna von der Tann, color designer at kt.COLOR, uses colors to create spaces and architecture in connection with light. Their materials are paints, which are produced from rare and natural pigments in the process developed by Dr. Katrin Trautwein founded the color manufactory kt.COLOR in 1997.

A silent companion for the conversation will be Eileen Gray. However, her extensive knowledge and sensitivity in dealing with materials is visible in her furniture, which will be on display alongside selected colors made from natural pigments by kt.COLOR and art objects made of porcelain by Stefanie Hering.


Stefanie Hering

Stefanie Hering

Unternehmerin, Designerin, Keramikmeisterin | Hering Berlin
Anna von der Tann

Anna von der Tann

Farbgestalterin, kt.COLOR


SellaBerlin Feuerwehr
Nalepastraße 25
Zufahrt über Rummelsburger Landstraße
12459 Berlin


14:00 —
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