The Bolle Festsäle impress with an industrial ambience and a modern infrastructure. The former Bolle dairy from the industrial era around 1890 offers various opportunities for exhibitions, fashion shows, product presentations and other special occasions in a historic setting on an event space of 3.000 sqm.
With two large event spaces, a Kontor Foyer and a rooftop terrace with a perfect view of the city of Berlin, the Bolle Festsäle are one of the most impressive event venues in Berlin.

Bare brick walls, futuristic stainless steel ventilation pipes and an unsupported concrete ceiling give this location a distinctive aesthetic. Recesses that can be lit provide a perfect projection surface for company logos or images. The Kapelle is equipped with modern LED lighting and an impressive light installation and is particularly suitable for receptions, awards ceremonies, exhibitions or conferences.

Cast-iron pillars, an original, preserved wooden roof and dark grey floor tiles give this diverse space its extraordinary atmosphere. Three massive chandeliers made from BOLLE milk bottles steal the scene in this stunning Festsaal. They recall the building’s history as a dairy. The Festsaal is framed by five-metre high industrial windows with natural light.