The “Schmelzwerk” is the centerpiece of the company –Gastronativ GmbH- which was founded in October 2011 including the business units “Markus Herbicht Cookery School”, “Markus Herbicht Consulting” and “Markus Herbicht Catering”.

No matter what kind of event – a reception or a big gala – Markus Herbicht is doing a great job. As he knows exactly what his clients wish for he takes time for every event and and that’s what you are going to taste.

The Schmelzwerk, is a historic building that was once part of the Sarotti chocolate factory in Berlin’s beautiful Kreuzberg district. The seven courtyards (Höfe) are named for the iconic German chocolate brand Sarotti, which operated here from 1883 until 1921.

In 1969, the building’s exterior was restored with Senate funding, and the site was designated a “protected building.” Today, the Sarotti-Höfe are one of the city’s main attractions and include a hotel with a coffee shop and other businesses.  But the heart of the property is still the Schmelzwerk, where large kettles for melting chocolate once stood.

The Schmelzwerk was brought back to life in early 2014 by skilled caterer Markus Herbicht, who has devoted attention to every detail. It is now a modern event location that merges tradition with modern style and can accommodate up to 199 people. The ballroom displays artifacts from the old chocolate factory alongside modern art by world-renowned artist Stefan Szczesny. In good weather, the leafy terrace is the highlight of any reception. In short: the Schmelzwerk is the perfect location for events of all kinds, including launch parties, corporate events, private dining, weddings, cooking courses, conferences, workshops and receptions.