OPEN CALL: Designer in Residence – a programme of the HfG-Archiv Ulm

Since 2011, the archive of the former Ulm School of Design is housed in the heritage building. Also, the archive’s holding, consisting out of over 6.500 graphics, 350 models, 11.000 photographs, and 30.000 documents, is part of the municipal Museum Ulm since 1993. In this respect, the HfG-Archiv fulfils a double function: it serves as an archive and museum at the same time. As such, its main purpose is to open up the history, content and impact of the former school to a broad public. This takes place through making the archival inventory accessible for external research, but also through internal scientific research, contributing to publications, conferences, or exhibitions.

“The Ulm School of Design is a role-model in educating designers until today: the designer’s occupational profile and numerous basic guidelines of design are defined by the former school, still affecting our present” (D. Rinker 2009, to ulm up, p.2).

By initiating a Designer in Residence programme, the archive’s goal is to fulfill the own doubled function as a museum and archive in the rooms of the former school while combining with contemporary research and education in design.

In addition, there’s going to be a theme per residence, which leads to the special potential of the programme: On one hand, international talents at the beginning of their career get the opportunity to work on their own creative and professional profile at a unique place of post-war design history. In that case, the archive’s collection functions as approach and inspiration. On the other hand, it’s not only the task, but also the utmost concern of the archive to bring the cultural heritage of the Ulm School of Design together with contemporary issues and future questions of design. That means imparting the heritage by also questioning it in the face of contemporary subjects of interest. Finally, it seeks to turn the historic place into a platform for active debates.
In autumn 2018 the very first residency will take place dedicated to the theme “Gender Design”. After the residence, an exhibition on Gender Design, scheduled for early 2019, will refer to the residencies’ results and aims for open up the discussion to the public.

Who is called to apply?

By this international open call, we ask designers to apply for a three-month-residence-scholarship. The residence is an invitation to examine the school’s heritage experimentally, technically, artistically and scientifically referring to a contemporary design approach. Since the mere historic research is already given through internal and external research, the programme systematically promotes young designers in the field of design practice and/or at the interface of applied design research. Base for reference are the historic school’s departments and teaching subjects (architecture, visual communication, product design, information, film, and photography) and the corresponding holdings of the archive. Interdisciplinary approaches are also welcome.

The closing date for entries is the 15th of July, 2018

All information to be find in this PDF