Call for abstracts (till February, 19th)

The symposium «It Wasn’t Written» (MoMA The Museum of Modern Art) focusses on historiographic dimensions of design in both the creation and the reception of history. It aims at discussing how specific knowledge, methods and elements of design are used to create histories, how they differ from each other and from written and oral histories, and how they create different trajectories for the future (Dilnot 2015). Possible contributions will analyze the construction and dissemination of historical narratives in visualizations (such as timelines or genealogies), publications (such as history books), exhibitions (such as retrospectives), and software (such as history apps or digital timelines).

After an introductory keynote, the symposium will be organized in four panels – Visualizations, Publications, Exhibitions and Software –, bringing together invited contributions from established researchers and papers via an open call.

You can send proposals for individual papers of 20 minutes in particular, but not exclusively, from the following fields: history, visual history, design history, cultural studies, digital humanities, editorial design, exhibition design, interaction design, and information design:

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