Once a year, Berlin becomes a living venue for innovative design for seven days.

Since 2006 Berlin has been named UNESCO City of DESIGN. As the city grows, the design fields grow as well. They are pioneers and sources of inspiration building an innovative culture that is both creative and sustainable, benefiting companies in all sectors of the economy as well as our society. Companies must react to trends and market needs. They are able to stay current and competitive through alliances with and contributions from the creative industries.

BERLIN DESIGN WEEK will not only reveal the creative potential of the capitol city, but will also feature other German and international projects and contributors from the creative and business sectors.
Berlin is a city like no other, so the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK is a DESIGN WEEK like no other. Berlin is a melting pot and a metropolis of many different cultures.

In terms of content, the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK will deal with the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in 2019. The legendary university was founded in Weimar in 1919, moved to Dessau six years later and was closed in 1933 by National Socialist forces in Berlin. The Bauhaus continues to shape educational institutions worldwide, designers of various disciplines and entire city silhouettes.

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Registration for 2019 starts on 1 of March 2019.

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