DESIGNING VOICES—a platform for sound design in the widest sense and design voices that present forward-looking concepts and offerings for the urban living space. We equally tend urban development, architecture, mobility, inclusion, economy, sustainability, well-being and healthcare.

Which contemporary materials, techniques and tools will shape the urban soundscape of tomorrow? Innovations and experiments serve as important resources for groundbreaking developments, especially for urban spaces under constant and rapid change.

The BNDNWK discusses with: Alex Nowitz, Marta Verde, Elysha Zaide, Edu Comelles, Renzo Vitale and Chakib Labidi.

The talk will start with a presentation by Chakib Labidi about his 4-month research on design objects in our environment and the sounds they create in our environment.


DESIGNING VOICES was developed by Alexandra Klatt, CEO BNDNWK, in close dialogue with Alex Nowitz, a composer and vocal performance artist, furthermore improviser, sound artist, musician, artist-researcher and author from Germany, discussing this year’s theme New Traditions. Originally planned as joint venture, due to the pandemic, most of the presentations of the music series DESIGNING VOICES, needed to be postponed to the first week of November 2021.


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