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Join us for the grand opening of BERLIN DESIGN WEEK with the BERLIN DESIGN DAY on April 27, 2024!

Meet exceptional designers from Berlin and discover the stories behind the innovative solutions and products that make Berlin the capital of German creativity.

In ten best-practice presentations, we will shed light on what makes the Berlin design scene so special. The program then includes networking, exchanging ideas and a guided tour through our exhibitions on 4 floors in the industrial monument Peter-Behrens-Bau.

We think interdisciplinary! Whether your passion is for design theory, product, graphics or digital, or whether you are simply interested in fresh thinking, future solutions and inspiration made in Berlin: this is the right platform for you.
Admission is free, refreshments will be provided and our shuttles will take you from Leipziger Platz or Polestar Space to our location.


Jan Mirus & Nick Stübe

Larissa Smurago
Experience as a question of mere Design? Reflections on the Philosophy of Design
Design transcends mere function and aesthetics — it reshapes our experience of the world. This talk explores the transformation of experience through design from a philosophical perspective. It focuses on questions of human-machine dynamics, ethics, and AI advances, exploring how design principles can tackle global challenges.

Louisa Kastner
Reframing Futures – but how?
Futures Literacy is on everyone’s lips: according to the World Economic Forum, only with the ability to imagine multiple futures will we be able to find new answers to the pressing challenges of our time. But how do we develop the capability to experiment with our anticipatory assumptions to enable different images of the future in the here and now? Louisa will share one innovative approach.

Laura Strasser
The power of collectives
MATTER of COURSE is a Berlin-based collective of eleven independent female designers founded in 2021. They work in the dynamic intersections of design, art, and craftsmanship. This allows us to create long-lasting, eye-catching, and unique objects that blend passion, artistry, and uncompromising design ethics. They are committed to upholding and refining traditional techniques as well as responsible use of resources.

Dr Caroline McMillan
Beyond Vision: Designing Sensory Futures
Design amplifies vision. Sensory design inspires ways of negotiating the world through touch, sound, smell, taste, and bodily position. What emerges in between? The artifacts, experiences, and spaces of the future fuse mind, body, and sensation—and forge new forms, feelings, and dialects for design.

Alap Shah
In our hyper-connected world, are we truly connecting?
Let’s dive into the surprising downsides of social media and explore the power of face-to-face interaction. Discover how real-life connections boost well-being, spark creativity, and build stronger & meaningful relationships.

Younes Mohammadi
Dreaming Machines: Mastering Randomness and Uniting Creative Disciplines
The presentation unveils the fusion of AI with artistic creativity, showcasing how controlled randomness breathes life into interdisciplinary works. This exploration illuminates the future of creative industries, where AI acts as a catalyst for innovative art forms, bridging diverse disciplines with precision and imagination.

Anina Schulz & Christopher Müller
Shaping the future: GenAI as a driver of innovation
GenAI transforms consulting and creativity, boosting efficiency and innovation but necessitates reflection on our role in an AI-dominated world. Viewed as a co-pilot, it shifts the approach from Build-Measure-Learn to Generate, Curate, Validate.

Jumoke Fernandez & Sebastian Zimmerhackl
Jumoke Fernandez & Sebastian Zimmerhackl delve into gaming & digital storytelling design, exploring open source’s role in innovation. They stress AI’s integration, empowering designers to redefine aesthetics & push boundaries. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ XD

Pablo Perra
Designer Toys and the DIY Production Process
Since 2012, Pablo Perra has crafted resin figures, handling all aspects from sculpting to packaging. With a creative approach, he built his machines, developed work systems, and customized tools. Pablo will share insights on overcoming challenges and devising innovative solutions.

Erik Spiekermann
The hand is the window onto the mind
To touch something beyond a keyboard means to create something that does not consist of an obscure system of zeros and ones, but one that can also be grasped with our senses. Why we need to re-connect to the real world and how that makes us better designers.

Alexandra Klatt
Closing Words

Admission from 13:00. There are 130 places, so please reserve early.

Oh nein, alle Plätze ausgebucht! // Oh no, all the seats are fully booked!


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