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Every spring, BERLIN DESIGN WEEK presents the work and ideas of international designers, companies, and educational and research institutions. The festival programme comprises exhibitions, talks, presentations, workshops and networking events that are held at different locations in Berlin.

BERLIN DESIGN WEEK is a platform for showcasing the diversity and depth of design in full. However, our particular focus is on experimental projects combining research, industry, and business with creative disciplines.

It’s about viewing design as a whole – not merely as an aesthetic discipline but rather as a means of finding solutions for societal, technological and ecological issues. We want to show how designers worldwide can drive societal change and foster innovation through their work.

The seventh edition of BERLIN DESIGN WEEK will be held from 27 April to 5 May 2024.

theme 2024



INSIGHTS is a call for introspection and focus. With this theme, we want to encourage participants not only to present their latest projects but also to offer visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. INSIGHTS offers us a space in which we can discover together how design can shape and improve our world.



Our festival formats :

Our festival programme consists of free-form events that are organised and developed by the designers themselves, as well as structured formats in which we provide a set framework. Potential participants can apply to participate in any and all of the different formats.

The deadline for applications is 17 March 2024.

CURATED PROGRAMME 27.04. – 05.05.

Our free-form programme is a diverse collection of events organised and developed by the participants themselves that provides the festival with a multitude of perspectives and voices. Designers, studios, and collectives, as well as brands and companies of all sizes, agencies, universities, and research institutions, are all invited to develop their own content and presentation formats in order to become part of the creative heart of our festival. From exhibitions to talks and tours all the way to presentations, the free-form programme offers a wide range of different formats. This open structured portion of our programme reflects the scientific advances, fresh ideas and ethical responsibility that will lead the way for the design of tomorrow.

Subformat Design + Science 27.04. – 05.05.

DESIGN + SCIENCE is a platform that shines a spotlight on the interplay between design, science and research. Through a series of talks, panels, workshops and exhibitions, we will connect designers, architects, researchers, engineers, innovative companies and academic institutions. We aim to demonstrate the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration and understand how these synergies could shape the future. We will highlight how research and technology open up unlimited possibilities and how design makes these innovations accessible, creates societal relevance and establishes ethical frameworks. We want to offer food for thought and show how the influence of design and science can create a positive future.

Subformat Berlin Design Nights 02. – 03.05.

BERLIN DESIGN NIGHTS is a venue to showcase the diversity of Berlin’s design culture. On these two evenings, designers and studios will open their doors and present their work in their own space, inviting guests to enter into a direct conversation. With BERLIN DESIGN NIGHTS, we want to not only foster networking within the design community but also enable attendees to immerse themselves in the creative process and experience the story behind the innovations firsthand. Our goal is to highlight the innovative nature and diversity of the local design scene and create a platform for dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Subformat Design Pool 27.04. – 28.04.

Our design market DESIGN POOL is a central element of BERLIN DESIGN WEEK. As the festival’s only sales format, it allows designers to present their craftsmanship and sell their products. The market features a wide variety of small-batch series, special editions and fresh creations from an array of design fields ranging from interior design to jewellery all the way to industrial design. We place particular emphasis on regenerative design and sustainability. As a result, DESIGN POOL is not just a sales platform but also a showcase for innovative design solutions that responds to the needs of a changing world.

Subformat Berlin Design Day 27.04.

The Berlin Design Day as the kick-off of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK: The stage is yours! We want to learn from each other, get fresh inspiration and network.

To this end, we are awarding 8 speaker slots of 20 minutes each. „Insights“ is the focus of this year‘s BERLIN DESIGN WEEK: We are interested in the stories behind good designs, products and experiences! How do you come up with innovation? How do you convince doubters? How do you use design as a driver for economic, ecological and social sustainability?

The BERLIN DESIGN DAY is the kick-off event of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK and is a cooperation between Berlin Design e.V. and the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK. Our speaker session will be followed by an open networking session. Food and drinks will be provided. The event space offers room for 140 guests; in addition to Berlin designers, national and international professionals are invited. Participation will be free of charge. Our location is the Peter-Behrens-Bau, which is also the central location of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK with numerous exhibitions. A shuttle service is available for transportation.

Subformat next 27.04. – 05.05.

NEXT showcases talented young European designers who have dedicated themselves to designing a sustainable future. In cooperation with EUNIC Berlin and Berlin’s Museum of Decorative Arts Kunstgewerbemuseum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin), NEXT is an opportunity to highlight the potential of European design to encourage societal change and as a catalyst for innovation. In this way, this exhibition not only spotlights the visionary work of young designers, but also demonstrates how design can serve as a driving force behind sustainable, future-oriented solutions.

EUNIC Berlin is in charge of the call for submissions and application process for the exhibition. The exhibition will be curated by Alexandra Klatt, Co-Founder and Programme Coordinator of BERLIN DESIGN WEEK.