design as a cultural asset

As part of BNDNWK 2022, state of DESIGN will present STANDING—a state of DESIGN perspective at ALHAMBRA BERLIN.

state of DESIGN propagates design as a cultural asset that reflects, influences and plays a key role in shaping the zeitgeist and has developed concepts for numerous exhibitions, talks, symposia, awards ceremonies and lecture series since 2016. The exhibition adopts this credo and presents free works, iconic and dynamic objects as materialization of the latest findings. Not only are they contemporary witnesses, but also socially revealing perspectives and answers. What they have in common is the creation of identity and their perspective on the moving issues of our time.

Curator Alexandra Klatt

Exhibitors: Bar Cohen |  Georges | Konrad Dybicki | Christian Haas | Ed Burgess | yuue | Adelheid Fuss | FOLDS | Maximilan Schatz | Kheder Abdulkarim | Ief Spincemaille | Maria Rästa | Raul Abner | Vöslauer Material | Tolerance Project | David Tavcar | Myceen  |  |  Design+Robotics

ALHAMBRA BERLIN is a place with a moving history. The former film theatre in Berlin, Charlottenburg was built in 1921/1922 according to the plans of the architect Max Bischoff.

The space used to be the premier location for the world’s first audio film in 1922. In the course of its history, the building went through various renovations and functions. In 1928/29, the original four-story house (first floor to the third floor) was extended by three stories with a simple modern facade. The upper floors were converted into a hotel. Aerial bombs partially destroyed the building during WWII. In 1949 film screenings were initially resumed. Shortly after, it was transformed into a hotel with a ballroom in the former film theatre. Later on, it was used as a training center for gastronomy and hotel businesses.

In 2020, the property was completely rebuilt and brought back to life with a six-story annex office building and the retail space ALHAMBRA BERLIN on the ground floor.

Although not listed as a protected monument by the local authorities, the iconic facade of the original building (first floor to the third floor) was fully reconstructed in its historical form from 1921/22 upon the owner’s request.

state of DESIGN


Kurfürstendamm 68
10707 Berlin


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