for Recilience | Summit

What’s possible when the world’s two most exciting disciplines join forces?

We invited pioneers in artificial intelligence, robotics and material science, along with futurologists, architects and urban planners, to discuss how we design, produce, and live together in the future.

Berlin, the sole German member of UNESCO’s Cities of Design network, presents speakers from eight other Cities of Design on three continents, to provide a truly global view on essential issues.

Our central location, KantGaragen, will host presentations, panel discussions, immersive workshops, interactive installations, and exhibitions on May 12th and 13th. Exhibitions will be open until May 17th (closed Sunday).

Design your own product in real time with Peter Kolski’s AI-based installation, before debating with our experts whether human design will soon be completely taken over by AI, and what that means for our future. Get carried away by our two delegations from Mexico, who make tangible the impact of architecture on our society or ways of building resilient communities. Watch architect Mark Jenewein and Arup’s futurologist Franziska Turber develop visions of urban future together with our international guests. If your brain needs a break, enjoy a VR ride down the Bavarian Alps on the Icaros.

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KantGaragen 4. OG
Kantstraße 126
10625 Berlin


12/05/2023 10:00—19:00
13/05/2023 10:00—19:00
15/05/2023 10:00—19:00
16/05/2023 10:00—19:00
17/05/2023 10:00—19:00
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